Those of you who have been by the Aquarium recently might have observed a lot of digging in our vacant lot to the east of our main facility. That’s because we have a brand new seawall being constructed. It was about time, as the old one was on the verge of collapsing. The project includes straightening out the old wall which was protruding severely, then placing new PVC panels in front of the old wall, adding new anchors and pouring a new seawall cap. This new commercial grade reinforced cap will also be higher by about one foot to help contain any water runoff.


After seawall repairs are completed, a new surface parking lot will be constructed to include a drainage vault approved by the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD). The vault will contain debris and manage drainage so that the lot will be environmentally friendly. The parking lot will have landscaping to make it aesthetically pleasing.


After this new parking lot is finished, contractors will begin demolishing part of the west side of the main facility to make way for moving and expanding our animal stranding area and life support systems, constructing new class rooms and administrative offices. While this is occurring, we will be moving our main entrance from the west side of the building to the northwest end of the building. We are looking forward to beginning this construction likely in mid May.

We are excited with our evolution and look forward to this transformation. If you would like to help us offset our construction costs, you may click here to make a donation and become part of our success. All donations large or small are sincerely appreciated.

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