Here it comes!………The Dolphin Tale teaser trailer has been very successful, creating a global buzz about CMA, Winter, and the movie. It was launched nationwide in 2-D in front of the movie Soul Surfer, and in 3-D in front of the animated hit RIO. A second, longer trailer will be launched over Memorial Day weekend, along with a 2½ minute version of the promo trailer developed last fall. Starting in July, there will be a massive amount of media about the movie, leading into the Sept 23rd national release date. Dolphin Tale will also be released globally by Warner Bros. International soon thereafter. The world will truly see the marvelous work we do here at CMA in a way never thought possible before now. Millions of people will learn about our mission, creating an awakening of respect for marine life and our marine environment.

Important Movie Dates:

1. Memorial Weekend – Launch of new trailer
2. September 13-15th – Movie media junket held at CMA
3. September 17th – Hollywood premiere of Dolphin Tale
4. September 22nd – Local premiere of Dolphin Tale at Ruth Eckerd Hall
5. September 23rd – National release of Dolphin Tale

Sawyer swimming underwater with Winter
Dolphin Tale Team putting Winter's Prosthetic tail on

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