We are counting down the days until our expansion project goes before Clearwater’s Community Development Board for review and hopefully, approval.

During the past several months, we have been reviewing plans with neighbors within our community. Some have expressed concerns about certain aspects of the original plan or have made suggestions on improved design. We have been sensitive to their concerns modifying various components to accommodate their needs and have incorporated some of their recommendations that will benefit the project as a whole.

For instance, our neighbors at the Village On Island Estates felt that entering and exiting guests might get confused having two entrances to our surface parking lot and garage and that the originally designed entrance to the surface parking lot did not align with Larboard Way,. Therefore, we modified our entrance to the surface parking lot to align with Larboard Way and eliminated the 2nd entrance. Other members of the community thought we should plant more trees and shrubs. Now, the plans are to add more trees and shrubs than code requires. We have also eliminated some of the requested variances, where possible, and improved landscape buffers to make the final project more aesthetically pleasing.

If all goes well, the Community Development Board will approve our project on May 17th and by the middle of June, we should be breaking ground.

All of us at CMA are excited that when this project is completed, it will turn our improved facility into a first class asset for the City and the Island Estates community while enabling us to continue expanding our work and educating the public on the preservation of our marine environment.

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