icu-nowThanks to a generous grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s Recovered Oil Fund for Wildlife and the Sea Turtle Conservancy, CMA was granted enough money to revitalize the Sea Turtle ICU area. The ICU is a separate rehabilitation space dedicated to the care of sea turtles with fibropapillomatosis, or FP. FP can be a debilitating, even fatal disease where the sea turtles, mainly green sea turtles in the juvenile age class, develop cutaneous tumor-like growths that cover soft tissue, eyes, plastron and carapace. Unfortunately, the tumors can even grow internally on organs and this is inoperable. Making ICU a more quarantined, clean and environmentally controlled area will make it a better place for the care of some of CMA’s most critical sea turtle rehabilitation patients. Upgrades to the existing area include: air conditioning; a glass door for the public to view in, but to cut down on cross contamination and keep in the cool air; sink and water source; drop ceiling; new light fixtures and electrical outlets; new paint on the walls; floor drain and a closed circuit camera and video system that will allow the public to view the sea turtles without disturbing them during their rehabilitation process.

During the construction phase, which begins July 5th and will last up to 45 days, the few FP sea turtles we currently have in the ICU will be temporarily moved to another large pool on site until their new ICU area is completed. We are extremely excited to have this ability to improve our rehabilitation areas for the well-being of our animals.

We invite everyone to come in late August to check out the new and improved Sea Turtle ICU area!

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