32,453 guests answered our call to “Come See Winter!”

With less than 2 months to the premiere of Dolphin Tale, the Warner Bros.- based Alcon Entertainment major motion picture about CMA’s most famous resident, Winter, CMA broke all time attendance records. Five years ago, CMA’s July attendance was only 9,302, but with the arrival of Winter and a new management team, CMA’s attendance numbers began to consistently increase. In July 2009, CMA reached 23,583 attendees. Today, coinciding with trailers in theatres and promotions beginning around the country, more and more visitors are coming to see Winter, 32,453 to be exact. This represents a 39% growth from July 2010. With the unparalleled publicity from the movie, CMA is progressing on a new path that includes a $12 million dollar expansion that will allow for the growth of the mission – Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Release of sick and injured marine animals and public education.

Will you be the next to visit CMA and say hi to Winter?

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