“Every year, the third week of November is American Education Week.  To help celebrate the importance of education and inspire younger generations with themes of environmental awareness and marine conservation, Clearwater Marine Aquarium participated in the Great American Teach-In.  The Great American Teach-In is a chance for students to hear about potential careers by having professionals from all different backgrounds and fields give classroom presentations.  Throughout the week, marine mammal trainers, sea turtle biologists, and environmental educators visited 13 different Pinellas County schools, speaking to classrooms and auditoriums full of future marine scientists about CMA’s mission.  Students were given the opportunity to get up close with real sea turtle shells and skulls, touch one of Winter’s prosthetic tails, and watch videos of our youngest dolphin, Hope, arriving at CMA.  They followed the individual stories of our resident animals, learning about their rescues and the plights faced by their marine neighbors.  Most importantly, the students learned about the difference they could each make by participating in beach clean-ups, recycling, and taking care of our beautiful coastlines.

Soon, CMA’s school presentations will be available not only to Pinellas County students, but to educational forums all around the world.  On December 8th, Clearwater Marine Aquarium will launch our CMA L.I.V.E. (Linking into Virtual Education) program, a distance learning webcast that connects students globally with CMA, our mission, and our lovable resident animals.  As always, CMA strives to be a leader in environmental education, inspiring awareness for our marine ecosystems and their inhabitants, both locally and, very soon, across the globe.”

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