Bailey is one of our green sea turtles with a rear buoyancy issue. Bailey had been living in T1, or Turtle Cove, for most of the time, however due to his physical ailments, he has certain medical management that is required to keep him healthy. When Bailey was only a 75 pound juvenile green sea turtle, he was caught in a fishing net, hauled onto the boat and dropped onto the boat deck before he could be released. When this happened, he suffered issues with rear spine paralysis and a buoyancy issue. Due to this condition, he was brought to CMA and kept as a non-releasable resident in our animal family.
Well, after many years in smaller tanks with no underwater viewing capabilities, his new home not only in 10 times as big as what he has lived in, but also has 2 new windows for him to check out himself and the public! He has spent the majority of his time swimming up against the windows, showing people how handsome and agile he is and all of the new space has really increased his appetite! The platform is still submerged in the pool so we will be putting some people in the water and trying to get him to start allowing the sea turtle team to desensitize him to tactile and feeding. Come by and see Bailey in his new digsā€¦this is the closest you can get to a sea turtle here at CMA!

Bailey the Sea Turtle

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