Our mission, at CMA, is to rescue, rehabilitate and release marine life. However, often many animals are deemed non- releasable by our government.  It then becomes our mission to provide the best care possible for our animals.  We LOVE marine life and want to give them happy, long lives.  When we were graced with the arrival of Hope, she was a baby calf and full of life. As Hope continues to grow, we are monitoring her calorie intake to ensure she is getting the proper nutrition, just like you do with your kids at home.  Therefore, we have been teaching Hope to slide up on the scale for a voluntary weight.  This allows us to monitor her weight weekly and adjust her diet as necessary.

Hope the Dolphin

So, you can see the trainers are doing a great job at making sliding up on the scale/platform as fun as possible.  This is why you will see her sliding up on her own, she thinks it’s reinforcing!  We want to ensure that our animals have fun with us during our training sessions. Hope is having a splash.  The fact that Hope is sliding out on the platform on her own is showing us that we are doing something right!

Hope has followed tradition in the training world of the Atlantic bottlenose dolphins.  Any time you are training a new behavior there is A LOT of reinforcement given for positive results.  This makes the behavior FUN!!!


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