Drew, a sub-adult Loggerhead, joined our rehab family on Saturday, June 30th. She was very lethargic when she was picked up by Honeymoon Island State Park rangers, and was found in shallow water having trouble diving, which was likely a result of her buoyant back end. Since her arrival, Drew has been relatively stable, and even started foraging on her own the very first time she was offered food… and it was definitely a relief to the Turtle Team that we did not need to tube feed her!

On July 14th, Dr. Walsh and Dr. Cassel attempted an air evacuation procedure, but were unfortunately unsuccessful in being able to remove any air from her. Because her buoyancy issue is still apparent, she will remain in shallow water (for now!) in OT-8. While she was initially receiving fluids SID, the administration of her fluids were discontinued (per Dr. Walsh) on July 16th, and she is no longer being pulled unless full blood samples are needed. Drew had made a lot of positive progress in the short amount of time since her arrival- just last week her diet was raised once again, and she is now eating 150g squid and 500g capelin BID. We are looking forward to Dr. Walsh and Dr. Cassle’s next visit, in hopes they may attempt another air evacuation procedure that will be successful this time, and we are also looking forward to more progress from Drew, and, in time, a successful release story!

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