Name: Erin

Title: Associate Marine Mammal Trainer

Hometown: Opelousas, Louisiana

Education: Bachelor of Science – Animal Science

Pastimes/Hobbies: Horseback Riding

Bio: “I was born in Opelousas, Louisiana. There, I lived on a horse and cattle ranch where I first learned to ride horses before I could even walk! We lived there until my family and I moved to the Bay Area in Northern California. Through high school I worked at a vet clinic, starting as a volunteer when I was 14, and then continuing as a vet tech by the age of 16 up until I graduated. I then went to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo as an animal science major. After my freshman year, I did a summer internship at Dolphin Quest Bermuda where I learned a lot about marine mammal training. This was an extremely beneficial and hands on internship. Next I completed a summer internship after my junior year with the Navy Marine Mammal Program in San Diego, CA. This was also a very hands-on experience in which I was able to further develop my skills in dolphin training, and learn to interact and work with California sea lions. I finished my bachelor’s degree in 2011. Just before coming to CMA, I was a zookeeper at a small, nonprofit zoo in Paso Robles, CA called Zoo To You. This was a very fun position in which I was able to work with all sorts of animals, from mountain lions, tigers and bears to primates, birds of prey and various hoof stock. Outside of work, I continue to enjoy horseback riding. I also love taking my Great Dane, Max, to the beach on my days off!”

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