From the Herald Sun – PerthNow, October 29, 2012

“Three officers from the WA Water Police have been recognised for their remarkable rescue of a young river dolphin calf, Gizmo, who was severely entangled in fishing line for more than two months.

The rescue unfolded in June this year near Swan Yacht Club in the Swan Canning Riverpark.

The Swan River Trust has presented the officers — Senior Constable Bruce Rodgers, Senior Constable Glenn Bott and Constable Brody Baker – with “Caring for River Dolphins” awards to thank them for their efforts.

Swan River Trust General Manager Rod Hughes said three-year-old Gizmo’s plight had become increasingly dire as his protective mother, Tupac, thwarted all previous attempts to help her calf.

“By the time the water police rescued him, the fishing line had become so tightly wrapped around Gizmo’s dorsal fin it was slowly slicing through it,” Mr Hughes said.

“Gizmo was also dragging an increasingly heavy load of seaweed and debris that had latched on to the line and it had reached the point where there was a real danger the little calf would not survive.”
“The rescue conducted by these officers was extraordinary, particularly as they had to contend with Gizmo’s mother – a large, heavy dolphin measuring over 2 metres – repeatedly trying to stop them.”
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