By: Adrian Rogers - The Spokesman-Review

“Isabelle James saw “Dolphin Tale” the day the movie came out, which happened to be her eighth birthday and the day she got another new leg.

A year later, she tried a prototype of the dolphin’s tail over her left leg – amputated above the knee – as her own prosthetic was off in the lab last week at the Hanger Clinic downtown, getting its extension resistance loosened up.

Joking with its creator, Isabelle called herself a “one-leg mermaid” and admired the material he used to create the prosthetic tail for the dolphin whose story inspired the movie – it looked soft, but it was hard, but it also was bendable.

The chance to see the first-ever prosthetic tail for a dolphin and meet Kevin Carroll, a prosthetist played by Morgan Freeman in the movie, merited a day off school, said Isabelle’s mother, Kim James.

“He’s kind of like a rock star,” James said.

Carroll was in town to meet with pediatric amputees and their families, checking their artificial limbs and sharing his knowledge about new prosthetic options, whether they’re feet that walk better or knees that bend better. Carroll is a vice president at Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics, which operates hundreds of clinics in the U.S.”

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