Lucy has been making leaps and bounds in her training. She has been doing excellent in the progression of crating voluntarily. Currently she will enter and exit her crate on verbal and visual cues. We now can place the crate anywhere within her environment and she will voluntarily go into it immediately. This is excellent because when we have to transport her to different locations we can now do it voluntarily. This means less stress on Lucy and less stress on the training team!

Speaking of transporting to different locations Lucy is now participating in a birthday party meet and greet program! This program is great for our guests because we are able to connect with them on a whole new level! Not only do guests learn about pelicans and conservation, they also receive the unique opportunity to experience a private training session. Thus creating unforgettable memories! Lucy participating in such programs is a true testament of the strong relationship the training staff has built with her.

Relationships are key when training with any type of animal. Currently both Ricky and Lucy are very relaxed and comfortable being around the training staff! We have been progressing towards tactile desense with both birds. This would allow us to be able to touch and approach the birds with out them avoiding us. Currently Lucy will allow us to touch her bill, feet, and rub her chest! We are very excited with how quickly she is progressing and look forward to the future!

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