Turtle Spotlight: Exciting Moves & Gertrude’s New Home!

February 11th was an exciting and busy day here at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium! Not only did many of our residents get re-located to different pools, but also one of our rehab turtles, Gertrude, was given a new home… in Kansas City!

The day began by pulling every one of our residents and giving them an annual physical. In the world of turtles, a physical means that the turtle has a full blood sample taken; they get weighed, and then measured before being returned to their pool (or before being put into their new pool!) it took approximately 3 hours to complete this process on each of our 9 resident sea turtles. We would like to thank our interns and the volunteers who came in very early that morning to assist with this project, because we would not have been able to complete this huge undertaking without all of you help.

While Titus, Cocoa, and our stubborn boy, Norman, remain at home in “Turtle Bayou”, Bailey has moved inside from “Sawyer’s Passage”, and is now sharing “Turtle Cove” with Stubby, Rob, and Cupid. Max, Madam, Molly, and Stumpy were relocated outside to “Sawyer’s Passage”, and they seem to be enjoying their new, larger pool!

February 11th was also a big day for Gertrude (October’s “Spotlight Turtle”) because she was picked up by staff members from Kansas City’s Sea Life Aquarium, where she was transported to become a permanent resident! Gertie is the state of Missouri’s FIRST sea turtle, and the staff at the Sea Life Aquarium is excited to have her, as we were to find her a new (and permanent!) home. We have been lucky enough to receive updates on Gertie’s progress (she was moved out of quarantine only 4 days after her arrival) and are happy to know she is in a beautiful exhibit, a very large pool filled with rocks and fish, and is in the hands of some excellent Sea Life Aquarium Staff members that will give her a great quality of life. While Gertie will be missed, she was a successful Clearwater Marine Aquarium rehabilitation story, with a great ending! Information about Gertie’s new home can be found on the Kansas City Sea Life Aquarium’s website, and footage documenting her travels can be found on YouTube!

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