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Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s Stranding Team has continued to respond to multiple strandings! Our team has responded to two live bottlenose dolphins, one in Citrus County and one in Levy County. The dolphin in Citrus County was observed swimming in a small area, for about three weeks (photo below). Stranding Team members monitored the animal for a week, and collected vital, behavioral, and environmental data. After a week of observations, the animal was no longer seen. We are hopeful that the animal was able to successfully leave the area, and return to his/her normal home range.

The dolphin in Levy County was reported due to an extensive injury located on the dorsal portion of the body. After viewing the caller’s photo, it seems that the injury was likely a result of sunburn. First Responders were dispatched to locate and monitor the animal. Unfortunately, the animal was not located. CMA’s Stranding Team will respond accordingly if further calls are received on this animal.

In addition to stranding events and trainings, CMA’s Stranding Team has been proactive via conducting education outreach events at the Dolphin Tale premiere at Pier 60 (photo above). Members educated the public on the do’s and don’ts of strandings and respectful ways to observe dolphins in the wild!

Thanks to all of CMA’s Stranding Team volunteers who have aided us this past month! We could not pursue our mission without you!

Thank you,

CMA Stranding Team


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