Become a part of Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s mission in a whole new way!  Explore-a-Tour turns guests of all ages into working marine biologists, studying dolphins, seabirds, and the environment in the field during this exciting new boat tour.  As part of this 2-hour experience, watch for our local bottlenose dolphins and participate in an active population study using dorsal fin identification, use binoculars and field guides to identify and pinpoint bird nesting sites, and participate in scientific testing of our estuary’s water quality to help keep our bay clean.  Learn about the local ecosystem from a scientist’s point of view as you gather data for ongoing research on how we can better protect our environment and our world. Dolphin sightings not guaranteed.

Why Explore-a-Tour?

Explore-a-Tour is unique! Unlike a typical eco-tour, participants are not just lectured to; instead you are an active part of the experience. On this tour you are not just looking for dolphins; you are participating in dolphin fin photo identification and Dolphin SMART viewing. You are not just observing birds from afar; you are using binoculars to identify and participate in behavioral observations and population studies. You are not just floating above the water; you are experiencing water quality research done daily at Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

In addition to the educational experience had by guests at Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Explore-a-Tour participants are able to take their newly acquired knowledge and passion and apply it in the field, like no other tour or experience currently offered!

You are drawn to Clearwater Marine Aquarium because of our unique mission; though Explore-a-Tour, you BECOME the mission!


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