We are so proud to present the completed masterpiece of our magnificent dolphin sculpture created by our very own Staff Member, Elizabeth! She beautifully illustrates the all-encompassing spirit of Clearwater Marine Aquarium, including our amazing animal residents, staff, volunteers and most outstandingly our mission!

On Sunday, November 17th, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and the Clearwater Regional Chamber are teaming up with area artists to offer you an exciting art experience. With some coaching from a pro, you will decorate a 7″ tall resin dolphin, which you can then take home. All supplies will be provided: dolphin, paint and paint brushes. In addition, you get a free day at Winter’s Dolphin Tale Adventure (WDTA). The dolphins are custom molded replicas of the 6 ft tall dolphins that comprise the Clearwater’s Dolphins Trail!

Classes will be held on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2013 at 11 am and 1 pm. Classes will last for 1 hour. Two classes will be held each hour – one for children, 5 – 12 years of age – taught by Artist Haley Kukoleck and one for those 13 years of age and older taught by Artist Vanessa Montenegro. Maximum class size is 20 people.
Price for one person is $39.95. To register go to http://bit.ly/17bOeDK or stop by WDTA at 300 Cleveland St., Clearwater, FL 33755.

Expect surprise guests and lots of fun!

This Friday the 13th…MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Registration NOW OPEN for Clearwater Marine A-Scare-ium’s SEA MONSTER MASH!

Come learn about vampire squid, goblin sharks, ghost shrimp and other deep sea creatures, visit our goo-station and make “fish” slime, create an icky “bioluminescent” fish anatomy picture, get entangled in our food web, play ghoulish games, and feed creepy crustaceans!

When: October 26, 2013

Where: Dolphin Tale Adventure in Downtown Clearwater, FL

Price: $10 per Child

  • Grades K-1: Pelicans &Pumpkins, 9am-11am
  • Grades 2-3: Creepy Crawlers, 12pm-2pm
  • Grades 4-5: Jaws & Claws, 3pm-5pm


Become a part of Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s mission in a whole new way!  Explore-a-Tour turns guests of all ages into working marine biologists, studying dolphins, seabirds, and the environment in the field during this exciting new boat tour.  As part of this 2-hour experience, watch for our local bottlenose dolphins and participate in an active population study using dorsal fin identification, use binoculars and field guides to identify and pinpoint bird nesting sites, and participate in scientific testing of our estuary’s water quality to help keep our bay clean.  Learn about the local ecosystem from a scientist’s point of view as you gather data for ongoing research on how we can better protect our environment and our world. Dolphin sightings not guaranteed.

Why Explore-a-Tour?

Explore-a-Tour is unique! Unlike a typical eco-tour, participants are not just lectured to; instead you are an active part of the experience. On this tour you are not just looking for dolphins; you are participating in dolphin fin photo identification and Dolphin SMART viewing. You are not just observing birds from afar; you are using binoculars to identify and participate in behavioral observations and population studies. You are not just floating above the water; you are experiencing water quality research done daily at Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

In addition to the educational experience had by guests at Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Explore-a-Tour participants are able to take their newly acquired knowledge and passion and apply it in the field, like no other tour or experience currently offered!

You are drawn to Clearwater Marine Aquarium because of our unique mission; though Explore-a-Tour, you BECOME the mission!


Winter has inspired thousands due to her unique situation. Despite losing a portion of her tail and having the odds against her, she persevered. In September 2011, the blockbuster film, Dolphin Tale, was released highlighting her inspiring story. Since the films release, thousands have flocked to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium to visit her and our other resident animals.

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium offers a variety of different animal interaction programs that are available to guests. The newest program being offered is a once in a lifetime experience. The program is called “Assist Winter’s Trainer.” The participants receive VIP care and treatment by sitting poolside with Winter’s Trainer. During the program participants will assist in several of Winter’s behaviors. Some of these behaviors may include match to sample (matching pool toys to

toys held in hand), painting, window play, tail setup, and much more! While interacting with the trainers, participants will learn about Winter’s physical therapy and training. Each program is unique and never the same!

On April 25, we held our first Assist Winter’s Trainer Program! It was a huge success and hit with our participant. Both Winter and the participant seemed to have a lot of fun and enjoy one another!