Hope Jumping on command

Help feed her for a day by adopting her. A perfect gift for that special someone, young or old!

turtle-rehabDid you know that Clearwater Marine Aquarium has a motor vehicle and boat donation program? Did you know that your boat can help CMA save dolphins and sea turtles?

Yes, you can help support our state-wide marine life rescue work. It takes almost $1 million a year to provide food and care for our rescued dolphins, sea turtles and river otters! And, of course, this expense grows every year as costs increase and we rescue more animals. A perfect example of our work is our 5-year-old dolphin Winter, the star of the upcoming movie Dolphin Tale


You can help out with these expenses by donating your car, truck, RV or boat that you no longer need or want. There is also a benefit to you. By giving us your vehicle or boat, you immediately eliminate the expenses associated with the donation such as maintenance, insurance, dock rent, storage, etc. Upon the sale of your donation, you will be entitled to a tax deduction for the amount of the sale of the vehicle or boat.

Once you decide to donate your vehicle or boat, a simple call to our Director of Vehicle and Vessel Donations, Ivan Wolf, at 727-423-2628 or our toll free number 877-5-DOLPHIN will start the process. Ivan will explain in detail the parameters of the donation and arrange an evaluation of the vessel or vehicle as well as its pick-up.

This is an easy way help to contribute to our cause without digging into your cash reserves, and to reduce expenses while saving on taxes. Call us today!

Elaina saying goodbye to Hope the baby dolphin

CMA Dolphin Trainer, Elaina Franklin, saying her goodbyes to Hope the baby dolphin…

We will miss you Elaina, best of luck!