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The first sea turtle nests were found in Florida on Redington Beach Monday and at Fort De Soto on Tuesday, marking the beginning of this year’s nesting season reported the Tampa Bay Times on May 14.

Five women also discovered the first loggerhead sea turtle nest in Catham County, Georgia yesterday.

Mike Anderson, supervisor of the Marine Turtle Program at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium said the nests will be ready to hatch in about fifty days.

Nesting sea turtles once had no trouble finding a dark place to nest, but beaches are now lined with condominiums, businesses and hotels.

Lights that shine onto a nesting beach can draw turtle hatchlings away from the ocean where they have little chance of  survival. Beach lights can also discourage females from coming ashore to nest.

Sea turtle nesting season began on May 1st and continues to October 31st. During this time many beachfront properties participate in a program called “Lights Out.” This program is designed to reduce the amount of artificial lighting near the beaches that can disorientate hatchlings and prevent them from reaching the ocean.

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