“Albert our juvenile green from ICU (last month’s “Spotlight Turtle”) joined our rehab family on May 18th after being found floating off of Honeymoon Island. Albert was relatively stable when he came to Clearwater Marine Aquarium, and began accepting food less than a week after his arrival. After his air evacuation procedure on May 24th, he was able to fully submerge himself and was moved into a larger, deeper pool by the end of June. Albert went through a very successful laser surgery on August 17th, and had all four of his papilloma tumors removed. He had a very quick recovery, and after two months of no regrowth, he was one of two turtles released from Honeymoon Island on October 30th!

Holdup, our yearling Kemp’s Ridley that was caught by a fisherman, arrived on Sunday October 21st. He earned his name because his stranding call came in after 5:00 on a Sunday, and we all agreed he was “holding us up” from heading home! After examining him upon his arrival, he was very lucky that the hook was only stuck in his tongue because it was too large for him to swallow. The hook was carefully removed, and after a quick evaluation by Dr. Walsh on October 22nd, he was cleared for release. “Holdup” was released with Albert from Honeymoon Island on October 30th!”

Drew, our 135-pound Loggerhead Sea Turtle, made her way back into the wild at 10am this morning at Clearwater Beach! Drew was found floating in shallow water just off Honeymoon Island on June 30, 2012. She was emaciated and had trouble diving. She weighed 105 pounds when she was admitted and has since overcome her buoyancy problem.

Our Sea Turtle team has had a very busy year. The team located a record-breaking 200 nests on 26 miles of patrolled Pinellas County beaches. We have also rehabilitated and released 5 turtles since January. We are so excited and proud of our entire team and could not be more thankful for all the continued support! Thank you all very much!