Caroline Kole got her first guitar at age 8, and started songwriting soon after. She took her first paying gig at age 10, and has since played for crowds as large as 30,000! She signed a deal with Sony/ATV at the age of 14, and with Starstruck Records earlier in early 2013.

Caroline wrote a song at age 12 just for Winter, after reading an article about Winter’s story in the local newspaper, Tampa Bay Times.

Caroline is currently touring with Reba McEntire, and her single, “Money To Me”, is now out on country radio and digital download. You may have seen her open for Martina McBride, Alan Jackson or Blake Shelton, or as a endorsee of Martin Guitars.


Caroline Kole’s song from the new documentary is now available on iTunes, DOWNLOAD Today!

On February 18th, 2012 CMA held a DOLPHIN TALE MOVIE PROP SALE to raise funds to support the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Several movie prop items were left behind by the DOLPHIN TALE production company after filming, and were sold at the sale. One special prop was one of the duck rings used during the scene in which Sawyer (played by Nathan Gamble) was trying to find a toy for Winter. In the scene Winter grabbed the duck, pulling Sawyer in the pool with her and the two bonded in a playful swim. A silent auction was held for the toy, and we are so happy to report it sold for $500! Thank you to the Flood family of Baden, Ontario for their generous bid! This sort of support allows us to continue our mission to rescue, rehab and release more marine animals!